Xbox 360 replacement housings

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    Anyone know the best place to get replacement housings for an Xbox 360 non-slim? DealExtreme sells them, but they're a bit expensive, and pretty much in line with Amazon's prices. I found a website called through Google, which is selling the one I'd like (clear transparent case) for $12 cheaper than DX. It's another China-based site. Does anyone have any experience with this place? I've only been able to find two reviews, both were bad, but not indicative of a complete scam - one review said that the product description was wrong, place wouldn't refund money; other said that the site listed item as in stock, item wasn't, site refunded money.

    I tend to be very wary about buying from foreign sites like this. The price difference is enough to make me want to though. Do you guys think I should go for it? is the one I am looking at.
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    I suggest ponying up the extra cash and get it from somewhere trustworthy like amazon, much less chance of headaches.