Would this work to transfer content to New 3DS without system transfer?

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    Ok, I was pretty mad when Gateway announced that New 3DS emunand wouldn't able to transfer stuff at launch. I thought of a semi working workaround and would be asking if it would work...
    Basically, you dump your ticket.db using cearp's FunkyCIA guide and use FunkyCIA to dump all of your eshop games. On the 3DS you're going to transfer, you dump all the eshop saves using SDF, but most likely, unless the surprise feature is universal save compatibility, 7X saves wouldn't work if you were under 4.5 sysnand. Now that you dumped your saves and eshop games, go to your New 3DS, and install all of your dumped eshop games as CIA's using Devmenu on the Gateway card. Then use SDF to transfer all saves. Hopefully, this should have all of the eshop games you owned will all of your saves intact. Keep in mind IF this actually works, you won't keep your eshop account or even access the eshop. BUT when 9.5 and above emunand support comes out, you could dump the saves you played on with your New 3DS, backup any new CIA's you could of installed, and transfer it to the old 3DS. THEN, system transfer your eshop stuff legit with the system transfer in settings. Would this work? Just a theory XD. (No hate comments about SKY3DS and GW BTW, I respect both of them and don't want flame wars)
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    hmm... if we have nand access on n3ds, we could do a manual 'system transfer' (copying the movable.sed from the old 3ds to the new one)
    and then all the content on the sd card would work just like a normal system transfer, i'm pretty sure :)
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    This is basically my plan for when Gateway support arrives for N3DS. Back up all my .cias and saves, and then transfer it all to my N3DS. I also went ahead and made another NNID for Miiverse and stuff. The only thing to be careful of is the save protection the Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Smash games have. These can be kind of worked around by dumping a clean save and then injecting the old save into it, minding the protection bytes. It *should* work for most games though.