Would an update fix vWii?

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    I don't have a Wii U yet, and I don't really plan on hacking the vWii since I have a perfectly good Wii I can use for that. But I was wondering if someone was to brick their vWii, would a Wii U system update restore the vWii?
  2. Maxternal

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    An update would probably only download and replace the parts of the Wii U's software that that particular update was meant to "fix"

    If the update was just meant to make the Wii U mode load faster or add better USB support it would not need to do any changes to vWii for that and so would probably leave it alone .. and it would stay bricked in that case.

    On the other hand, if one of the things it wanted to change WAS vWii, then it would be downloading new parts of the vWii and installing them.
    IF one of those parts being installed was one of the ones that caused the brick, it very well may fix it.

    The thing is, though, there's really only 2 reasons I can see them wanting to include a vWii update.
    1. Some of the Wii games out there just don't work on vWii. An update might be made to fix that.
    2. They might also just update the vWii to try to block Homebrew in one way or another.

    The first one could be done in two ways.
    - If it's a problem that they need to make a fix in the IOS that the particular games uses and that's all they replace, a brick is more likely caused by a problem in the IOS used by the system menu or in the system menu itself ... and that would NOT need to be replaced in that case.
    - If it's a problem that they can have the system menu patch when it's loading the game (kinda like how ocarina cheats make patches, for example) THEN they would be replacing at least the system menu itself (although maybe NOT replacing it's IOS) so it that's where the problem lay with the brick, then yes, it could fix it.

    On the other hand, if they're trying to block homebrew, there's ALL KINDS of stuff they could try replacing. Again, IF what's broken get's replaced, it might fix the brick. (You just wouldn't be able to enjoy your homebrew anymore)
    There's also the possibility of them updating in such a way that it would simply screw over anyone who had homebrew already and CAUSE a brick for them and leave "legit" users alone. In that case, it would stay just as bricked as before.
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    Good guesses on "if" they did anything, but that shipped sailed long ago. If they were going to do anything, they would have done it on the wii. The exploits being used to hack the vWii have been around for almost as long as the Wii itself.....
  4. Maxternal

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    It's a good point. They are still constantly trying to block flashcarts on the DSi and 3DS on every update even though they only work for DS games BUT they haven't added all the homebrew blocks to a normal Wii update that they ATTEMPTED putting in vWii (maybe because they saw that they didn't work at all ... or at least not for much time.)
    Along the same lines, too, they released Pokemon Black and White 2 as a DS game so (don't know why) so there's still had some reason to keep protecting that market.

    The Wii, on the other hand, aside from some Wii U launch titles like Just Dance 4 and Epic Mickey 2 that were also ported to the Wii, they might just leave it alone now.

    That, though, means it's LESS likely that an update would include something that would happen to fix a vWii brick.
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    I'd wish they add DPII sound mode to vWii, but they won't do that. They only care for Joe average not core gamers.