World is a simulation theory...

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by rg, Aug 8, 2015.

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    I knew there had to be a logical reason as to why I was able to dodge 10 bullets that were shot at me the other day. And also I've noticed that I have been flying to work (without a plane) quite often this week.
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    Ugh...This is what I hate...

    Scientist A discovers something interesting (in this case: there's a maximum energy on which cosmic rays arrive at planet Earth). It is just ignored by pretty much everyone.
    Then scientist B draws up a wild theory, somehow linking it to popular culture - in this case the matrix - and it generates some media attention. Don't think that anyone has even the slightest clue how the simple fact from scientist A even fucking HINTS at us living in a matrix, but's in the media and it has the word scientist in it...that sells ('s like saying that the speed of light in a vacuüm is a constant somehow is proof that nature isn't real).

    ...and then it gets picked up (sometimes years after the article) by someone who completely goes and starts to fantasy onto something that even the article isn't saying. Congratulations by thinking that a maximum energy of cosmic rays could ... <insert some science> and then <insert some hacking> ...and get infinite lives. Christ!

    Here's a hint for you: that idea that the world we perceive isn't so much the world in itself goes back all the way to fucking Plato. Of course, the analogy was more of us living in caves perceiving shadows and thinking that's reality (before breaking free of the bonds that hold us there) rather than awakening outside of a tentactle computer, but meh...same difference.

    This sort of thing makes me wonder how things were in the past...

    Anno 1504, a simple farm household:
    Father: guys, guys! It's TRUE! Nicholas has returned from his voyage and he swears it's true: the earth isn't's ROUND! :D
    Son: <bewildered look> but come the sea water doesn't just falls off the sides, then?
    Father: ahem, y'know...hard to say. Nicholas heard this theory that there isn't so much an "up" and "down" as more in relation to the world we live on.
    Son: huh?
    Father: see...take this ball. It wouldn't be that the ball has an upper or a lower half, but rather that there is a center in the middle that attracts everything to it. And that's why it won't fall off.
    Son: cool.
    Father: ...I guess so. It's bizarre and perhaps even diabolical, but I guess that's just the way it is.
    Son: so there is this force that pulls everything and everything towards it, right?
    Father: why, yes. God, I assume.
    Son: so...if we put this force in our attic...that'd mean we would be able to walk on the ceiling, right?
    Father: ...yes?
    Son: awesome. I'm going to do some hacking.
    Father: hacking?
    Son: yes...I'll hack away at the earth until I dig up that force and put it in the attic. Being able to walk on the ceiling would be a sure way to impress Galina.
    Father: certainly will NOT do that.
    Son: but pa...!
    Father: no! There will be no hacking in this house!
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    It's an interesting theory to look at philosophically. If we are living in a simulation, it could be within another simulation infinitely. We would be left with so many more questions.
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    I don't think that we're in a simulation like a game. If we are... It'd be pretty boring from our perspective. Though this thread did remind me of this short story which I thought was pretty cool. It's called The Egg.
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