Wood R.P.G. 3in1+ Patch

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by qwertymodo, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Feb 1, 2010
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    I normally wouldn't double-post like this, but seeing as the Acekard and R4 discussions are in totally separate subforums, and I need input from Acekard users as well, I'm just going to post up the short version here and ask that all discussion take place in the other thread.

    Basically, I have patched the Wood R.P.G./Wood R4 firmware with the latest source from the EZ Flash team, which (theoretically) makes it compatible with all revisions of the 3in1 hardware. I have tested it on an R4 with a 3in1+, but I need more testing before submitting a patch to Yellow Wood Goblin, as he has expressed that he will not support it since he does not own a 3in1+ to test on. My hope is to get enough testing to be able to submit the patch to be included in the official releases.

    So, if you are using Wood R.P.G. and own a 3in1 (even if your 3in1 is already supported, I need to make sure I didn't break anything), and would be willing to test this patch, please head over to http://gbatemp.net/t239083-wood-r4-3in1-patch and give it a try.

    NOTE: This is a TEST build. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any data lost due to using this.