Homebrew Winterman, Christmas-Type Adventure Time & NOWELL Released


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Sep 21, 2008
Redcar, England UK

Headless_dog has released a new homebrew game for the Nintendo Wii.
Bomberman, with a wintery touch and special features.


mntorankusu has released a new homebrew game for the Nintendo Wii.
This is a game about a stick-man, who, like most other stick-people, likes to run from the start of levels to the end of levels.
But, in a daring twist, some weird, mostly-harmless creatures have stolen the christmas music! It's actually only one christmas song, because I ran out of time. But still. Get the music back from them!


NOWELL Released
Dovoto has released a new homebrew game for the Nintendo Wii.
"This night will be the last for the gramps.
No matter how I'll show to all of them how a true Santa must be !

Black Santa."

You have found this piece of paper in your sandwich two days before Christmas...
And you don't really know why but you want to think about this disgusting paper with more serious than the greatest idiot of Earth.
Take your Flying_Snow_Board and your Cannon to defeat the imposter and save Christmas ! -

Have fun in Nowell, a Shoot them up

"Sandwiches can't always save Christmas !"

coded by Emvivre
graphics and some musics by Vash
special thanks to Necro

Thanks to people on #wiidev channel for their help.

Gabor Bors and Balazs Rajcsanyi - Wasted Time (2nd song) : Intro
Lettrix - Bytec (1990) : Level
Slaughty Pom Pom - Vash : Boss 1
Ultimate Black Santa part 1 - Vash : between Boss 1 and Boss 2
Ultimate Black Santa part 2 - Vash : Boss 2
Steve Rowlands - Creatures ( 16th song ) : End credits
Tutorial - Vash : Tutorial

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    Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo: The N64 was ahead of it's time with that BS lol