[Windows TuT] Extracting Channel music

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    May 28, 2015
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    Hello all,
    This tutorial explains how to extract music from a channel WAD.

    You will need:
    VGSC - https://dl.dropbox.com/s/1wuxr31hazx3fp4/VideoGameSoundConverter_2.0.zip
    Wii.cs Tools - https://showmiiwads.googlecode.com/files/Wii.cs Tools 0.3.rar
    WAD of the channel you want to extract music from - use YABDM or some other WAD creator (or get sound.bin directly from WiiXplorer/NAND dump and skip to step 4)

    1. Use the WadMii.exe file to extract all APP files from the WAD into a folder.
    2. Use U8Mii.exe to extract the 0000000.app file from the WAD folder into another folder.
    3. Go into the APP file folder, and then into meta.
    4. Rename sound.bin to sound.bns
    5. Run VGSC and when it asks for a file click on the sound.bns file, and then pick a folder it will extract to.
    6. Once it says 'Done' press enter.
    7. Check the sound works on a music player.
    8. (Optional) Use some online service/Audacity + a plugin to convert the WAV to an MP3 file.