Windows on your DS, the easy way.

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    It is now possible to easily get Windows on your DS without patching. Unfortunately just like before only Windows 2 is supported and there is very little software for it (Word and Ventura Publisher are all I know of). Also note that the mouse does not work as DSx86 does not emulate a PS/2 mouse. Oh, and Windows 1.x is not working as of DSx86 0.15 so don't bother.

    1. Obtain the Windows 2.03 setup disks
    2. Use winimage to extract all of them to the same directory (X:\w2ins works nicely)
    3. Boot DSx86 0.14 or higher and run the windows setup (setup.exe)
    ** DO NOT run the Windows 2.03 setup on your computer as it will mess things up by overwriting your XP/Vista/7 install! **
    4. Choose the following options (the rest should be the default): install to hard drive, IBM EGA >64K (option 1), No mouse, and do not install a printer or plotter. Also be sure to choose US for you region.
    5. put the following lines in a batch file called win.bat and use it to start Windows.

    cd \windows
    ver set 3
    ver set 5
    cd \
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    A bump that could be considered not a bump maybe xD?

    @nl255: It's nice to get a reminder that it can be done, although since the last time, there hasn't been any changes...