Will we ever get a proper CFW?

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    Something that installs to the device like it does with PS3 and PSP hacking? I've tried reading some guides and managed to successfully downgrade my 3DS using the browser exploit, but I haven't tried anything after that as it seems unnecessarily complex.
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    It's a modified firmware, thus it's custom. The fact that PS3 and PSP can have custom firmware that installs permanently is coincidence, see 6.60 on PSP Go or Street where one must use FastRecovery to launch it every cold boot.
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    Permanent install is just another feature, not the defining aspect of a 'proper' CFW. By the strictest definition, the only thing that'd truly count as a custom firmware would be one written from scratch (like PSP uOFW), since anything else is just a modified firmware.
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    Oh, wow... This thread again.

    Because there is no currently known/public bootloader exploit. And because keys, keys, keys. We can't sign shit. Only Nintendo can. Even if you develop the most sophisticated 3DS homebrew, without signing it, it won't run on OFW ("sysNAND"). You always need an entry point (Cubic Ninja, Zelda OOT, etc) to patch out the signature checks from the firmware that's loaded in RAM.

    Rebooting the 3DS (i.e. turning it off and then back on again) clears the RAM and all the changes made in RAM, and then the boot process starts from the beginning. And then anything that's installed and not signed by Nintendo simply won't run. Attempting to install a modified bootloader without it having being signed by Nintendo results 100% in a brick.
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    Yup, this. The only consoles that have had on-boot hacks generally either had weak/no security (PS2, Xbox, Wii, etc) or fairly complicated exploits to get execution at boot (360, PS3 kinda). It's a matter of an exploit existing, and currently there aren't any public bootrom exploits for someone to work with to enable this functionality.