Will the wait be worth it? Gateway 3DS

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    The 3DS has a bright future it seems. With many super titles coming out soon and more to come (and not to mention those already out), I've found myself fond of just supporting the favorites. I bought Rune Factory 4 on release, reserved Pokemon X, and I'm eagerly awaiting new Phoenix Wright and ofc the VS one of PW and PL.

    Still, is there any particular reason to wait for the gateway 3DS, despite me willing to support all the future releases? Will there be some new fangled hack that will be "GOTTA HAVE" that requires my 3ds to stay at least at 6.2? the only reason I dont have a gateway already is because I updated, and now I cant access my shop until I do for 6.3... :X

    What do you all think?
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    I have to say, Flashcards completely destroyed any hype I've ever had for any DS game. I'm pretty sure I won't be getting the Gateway 3DS any time soon. All though, I think it will have a rough future.
  3. Chocolina

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    Im still a little cheesed off that they waited a month and a half post-5.1 update to show off their video demo, and not once mentioning it only works for 4.5 from months ago. They even mentioned that the update after 5.1 didnt't work, before they mentioned the older 5.1 never worked at all. 4.5 was from like, march, 5.1 from like April their video demo didn't pop up until very late may or early june, and they said mid-june that whatever number came after 5.1 didn't work, and then waited until like, the week they started shipping out units in almost mid-July to say "oh and it doesn't work on 5.1, it never did"

    That lack of information led me to believe my systems were safe and possibly others as well, and didn't learn the shocking dissapoint truth until at the very end...

    Now I'm here stuck on 5.1 wishing they'd hurry up with their update. I've almost about had it wih being patient as some serious game releases are flooding the next 2 months, and I still want to make some eShop purchases.
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    Complaints, complaints, complaints. I'm so sick of reading all that "oh my god, Gateway sucks, I can't fucking pirate on my >5.1 Firmware" drivel. If you paid attention you wouldn't have updated. Sucks to be you, but please shut the fuck up.
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  5. eosia

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    Times have changed, Nintendo should change too, let them release a device much more powerful than the iPhone and make their games for that etc...
  6. TheBlueSky

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    Aug 7, 2013
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    Gateway, it's a product with several limitations.

    I have just been buying only first party 3DS games when they are like $30 each, I play them and toss them away at $20-25. Not worth it to pirate when you can legitimately play the 3DS games at $5-10 each. That's just my viewpoint though.
  7. Reploid

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    If there is no hype for any game/s like 'OH MY DOG I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME THIS INTANCE OR I'LL 'XPLODE SKYHIGH', then try to wait a bit. That's my plan at least. Not waiting for something in partickular but for something at all: new challenger, price drop, huge update, nin's countermeasures. In the meantime there is still some PSP and DS games left to beat. Maybe I'd bought it a long time ago, if I weren't saving up.
  8. Foxi4

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    The Gateway will expand with future updates, the upcoming one allows you to dump your firmware (added brick protection) and your games (archival purposes) - those two features alone make it worth getting.

    The money argument can easily be countered with "why pay $5-$10 each game when you can play $80 and play (almost) all of them?", but piracy aside, getting a flashcart is simply convenient. Once the menu is further developed, it will no doubt allow for carrying around multiple games on one cartridge, and if there's something users usually hate then it's cartridge juggling.

    While the great majority of people buy flashcarts purely to pirate, collectors get them for an entirely different purpose - they protect original cartridges from wear and tear. There's a great number of systems that I have original games for and I'd rather not use them simply because they become increasingly rare, I'd much rather use backups but it's often a feature beyond my reach or actually non-existant. With the 3DS it's within arm's reach, so I can't see why a collector wouldn't go for it.

    That, and future homebrew prospects (and homebrew will pop up soon enough) make it an interesting purchase... an expensive one, but interesting nonetheless.
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  9. tjexp

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    May 20, 2012
    The only thing that I want a gateway for is region free...
  10. Ra1d

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    Yeah,until 3DS gets hacked(If ever),I choose to just buy the games,that I just must have,like the Pokemon and Phoenix Wright(for me),I'm even buying a 3DS for pokemon that's how not excited I was about any other game before.Right now I've heard of a few must play titles like Phoenix Wright and Pokemon and decided to buy it.

    Frankly,although Gateway seems like a nice team and they are probably worth the money,as their card does what it says it does,but right now you never know how it's going to turn out in the future and without online play I won't even bother getting it,I will wait for the full hack or if not,just buy the big names.
  11. chrisrlink

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    nah this time I'm supporting nintendo by buying their games sure some games are shit (especially the earlier ones) but look at Pokemon X/Y it's shaping up to be the best game of the year for the 3DS like what fry said on futurama
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  12. Kishnabe

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    Aug 7, 2013
    When the price is down to $40 then I would buy.....if it means staying on 4.5 and missing my beloved Ace Attorney 5 then so be it.
  13. sinnoaria

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    This is the main reason I want it. Otherwise, the DS flashcarts would do just fine. I don't want to carry around all my DS cards all the time. Plus, over half my games got stolen x.x . I don't mind it too much since I kept most of my valuable games (minus the ones I was playing at the time) separate and hidden... Except most of the ones stolen were ones I hadn't finished yet or ... Well... ones I want/need to unlock stuff for other games.
  14. Xexyz

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    Jul 29, 2013
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    Gateway 3DS is out already......
    it is...
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  15. tjexp

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    May 20, 2012
    We know it is...