Will the price of a DSi decrease when the 3DS is released?

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    Hey guys [​IMG]

    Anyway, bit of context here, I recently bought a PSP 1000 for £70 or so (second hand, only for 2 weeks later the PSP 3000 to be fully hacked) and now I'm considering getting a DSi in the future as well.

    But with the 3DS coming, will the price of the DSi go down much at all when the 3DS is released?
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    probably not immediately, the DSi's price was cut recently in the US.
  3. soulx

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    I doubt it.
    There is a dramatic price difference between the 3DS and DSi. Consumers will purchase the DSi at first because it is more affordable. After a while (about a year), when demand decreases for the DSi, Nintendo will probably lower the price to spike up sales of all remaining stock.
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    There is only one answer: yes. I reckon because of the price difference there won't be a price drop, but when the 3DS lowers in price, then it will drop. Besides, when the 3DS does drop,more people are gonna buy IT, thus negating the need to drop the DSi's price. Either way it will drop eventually
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    I would imagine that by the first 3DS price-drop, there would be no more DS/DSi's even being produced.