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    Hey guys. I tried to look for this and havent found a real walk through on it. I have a wii softmodded for 4.3 using the smash brothers hack. I am loading games via usb external hard drive. I have come across a very large collection of wiiware games that are all .wad files. Is there anyway to add these to my hard drive that is formatted with WBFS Manager and then use Wiiflow to play them? If so can someone give me a good set of instructions on adding them to the hard drive and also on how to get wiiflow to play them?!!! Thank you for any help you guys can give me.

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    Sep 19, 2009
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    I've heard some talk about adding wii emulation for wiiflow, but afaik these are still future plans. In any case: wiiware (and VC, for that matter) are different from wii games in that they should be installed to the wii itself instead of from a disc.

    Anyway...Wiiflow doesn't "play" wiiware per se. But there are two ways to use wiiflow to start wiiware:

    1. (easy) install the wads to your wii, using a wad manager*. Then, start wiiflow and choose the "channels" option. The installed wiiware should be mentioned there.
    2. (more advanced) figure out how triiforce works and use it to emulate a nand**. Then use showmiiwads to install your wads to that nand. Finally, use Tristar's wad2iso to create a forwarder ISO that can be installed to your hard drive, just like a normal wii game.

    *note: the chance of your wii bricking because of a bad wad may be small, but just to be sure: make sure you have at least a way to access the HBC without going through the wii menu (priiloader, bootmii)
    **note: I only know how to do this on a FAT32 drive...not even sure it can be made to work on a WBFS partition