WIIWare offline list updated!!

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    Jan 4, 2007
    Hi guys,

    I have been able to speed some things up so I created in far less time then the VC one a new version of the WiiWare offline list dat file.
    The basis is the one created by Nago.
    Again I hope he is not offended. I tried to contact him but there was no response

    I took some liberties and shortcuts.
    1. The numbering is a continuation there where Nago stopped (no renumbering done). The basis is the GBATEMP list from that point on.
    2. The Source field is not always filled correctly. If the WAD file in my collection gave some hint I took that one DONE
    3. The same for the comment and company fields DONE
    4. The ROM size is gone. That would take me to much time.
    5. The CRC's are from my own collection. I did not verify them against other sources

    I cleaned the file from all demo versions and put them in a seperate file. Makes it more of a clean list.

    So ... that's it
    Please let me know if there are any typo's, errors, wrong duplicate info aso.

    to do
    1. correct the rom numbering and follow the GBATEMP numbering (Hell of a job!) (edit: WON'T do that)
    2. correct errors

    edit : company and source field edited with better content
    edit 2 : correct some final errors. This is my last edit for now.
    I triple checked the country location, duplicated id's, I copy-pasted the dumper name in source field, even completed all the comment fields. I changed the titles of the Japanese ones back to Japanese (as it should be).

    I won't change the numbering to the GBATEMP one. That one is not right at all. EG. The first WAD Wii #0001 - Okiraku Ping Pong Wii (Japan) is NUKED and has been redumped.

    Have fun

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