Wiiware from USB/ Wad to Iso

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    (To begin with, yes, I've googled, I've searched forums and I've "read the manuals" for three days now with no relevant results that assisted me.)

    My questions:
    1. Are there any other programs besides wad2iso that converts wads to iso files?
    2. Is there a sure fire way to play wiiware files off of a USB hdd?
    My situation:

    I tried following the guide here to play wiiware from my USB hdd:

    I'm fine up to the point where I have to convert the wads into isos. I've tried wad2iso v 4.6/4.7 as well as wii backup manager for both untouched wiiware wads and wads processed through the ShowMeWads program. What happens is that when I try to do a batch convert (2+ wads), both applications just create duplicates of the last file in queue with differnet filenames.

    So when I batch convert these wads:

    Game 1.wad
    Game 2.wad
    Game 3.wad

    I get these files:

    Game 1.iso
    Game 2.iso
    Game 3.iso
    BUT when I try dropping them on my USB WBFS drive with Wii Backup Manager, Wii Game Manager or anything else it shows up as:
    Game 3.iso
    Game 3.iso
    Game 3.iso
    The only way I've found to prevent this is to do 1 file at a time with wad2iso, but the genius who created that program coded it so it pops up a "Finished ISOS" windows explorer folder AND auto-exit. So if i have to do that for all my wads, I'd punch a hole through my car's engine block with my face.
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    1.this is disrespectful to the program creator
    2. You can do a batch of converts with the Wad2iso at a time.

    BTW, my humble advice is to do yourself (and your Wii's NAND) a favor, look and set up an EMUNAND on your USB, then you can run all your Wiiware games alongside your Wii and Gamecube games, all on a single loader. Trust me it's totally worth it and you avoid all the forwarder and wad installing in real nand process.