WiiU homebrew browser framework.

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    we (me and @jaames) have been working for the past few weeks to create a template that can be easily modified for anybody to use to host their own homebrew collections or to use as a base for their own websites.

    This is still a work in progress and will eventually as near as damn it resemble the wiiu's OS , if i get the time , which is really the main reason i'm posting this now as im struggling to work on it.

    So heres the demo : www.wiiubru.com/demo and eventually wiiubru will port over to this once ive added the bells and whistles i wanted for my site.

    The site can be easily modified by adding your own images ( 92x92 pixels) into the images directory to customise this to suit your needs , it comes with a basic set of icons for you to use (designed by @Swqnky and myself )
    Modify the logo for your site etc.

    Your homebrews can be stored however you want and linked in the array to suit your arrangements.

    example :

    { 'title': 'Hello World', 'url': '/helloworld/payload532.html', 'icon': 'images/hello.png', 'firmwares': ['2.0.0','4.0.0','4.1.0','5.0.0','5.3.2'] },

    the variety of firmwares is to enable you to setup a site that caters for all users , if your self hosting , just add your own firmware only , the site auto detects your firmware and populates your page with the desired homebrew.

    The site can be setup to offer a page for non wiiu browsers , to host other files /links etc. Currently it comes with a popup to alert non wiiu browsers of this , simply disable the line at the bottom of the script to remove this.

    download : www.wiiubru.com/demo/wiiu-framework.zip

    Please post back if you choose to host it . Hope its of use to some.
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    Cool! This will be very handy for self hosting multiple things until someone figures out how to install channels after iosu is out :3
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