WiiRip USB Gecko HELP!

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    I am trying to use Wiirip 1.0. I have a USB cord connected from my computer to my Wii. When I load the application in the HBC it says cIOS found but then says "No USB device connected" ... Anyone have any insight as to why???

    Thank you!
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    Oct 19, 2008
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    May have to be a usbgecko to use it. Just use one of the rippers that works via lan/wifi as i cant find any info about wiirip atm, or hope someone else has some experience with said program
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    heres the readme from wiirip. you must have a USB Gecko plugged into gamecube port B. this is the ONLY method i have been able to use to dump games. none of the streaming apps have ever worked for me

    CODEWiirip package - Monkey KungFu

    What is Wiirip?

    Wiirip is a fast Wii ripper for the USB Gecko which can be loaded from the homebrew channel!. This package includes all the files needed to get this up and running.

    Please note this doesn't need a Modchip!!

    1. Copy the files to your SD Card!:

    Copy the 3 folders wiirip, ciosinstall, ciosremove which are included in the package to the apps folder on your SD card. You know the one where you always put your homebrew programs [​IMG]

    copy the file IOS37-64-v2070.wad to the ROOT of your SD card. Not in any folder. This Wad file is needed to install cIOS and to remove it again if you like in the future. You can find this file on google, but i put it in the package anyway.

    2. Installing cIOS. (This only needs to be done once)

    If all application folders have been installed in the apps folder, you will see them when you boot up The Homebrew Channel!.

    Click on cIOS in the Homebrew Channel Menu and this application will load. If IOS37-64-v2070.wad is found it will install cIOS on your Wii, it will install all contents which takes a few seconds, then will ask you to press any button to reboot. Nice and Easy!

    3. Running Wiirip (Needs USB Gecko plugged into Port B)

    Again load The Homebrew Channel and click on the Wiirip application, this will then load. If cIOS is installed it will tell you and run. It will state Waiting for PC command which means USB Gecko is detected and running.

    4. Ripping.

    Use Gecko DVD coded by Nuke (www.usbgecko.com). Nuke was kind enough to give me the source code to the USB Gecko ripper and I just modded it slightly and made it much faster and stable [​IMG]

    My Custom Gecko DVD is included in the PCapps folder.

    Open Gecko DVD, Click connect at the top menu bar, Now from the drop down menu select your DVD type. If ripping Wii Game select Single Layer, however if ripping Smash Bros Brawl this is a Dual Layer Game (only Dual Layer Game so far).

    Now click the Extract DVD button in Gecko DVD and your game will start to rip!.

    Gamecube games take about 35 Minutes, Wii Games about 2 hours, so its pretty quick!.

    5. Burning

    Normally Imageburn or CloneCD are the best programs. Memorris in the USB Gecko forums has done an awesome guide on ripping with Imageburn Guide!

    Some Technical Notes, Greets and things:

    About cIOS:

    The Wii has a restriction which only allows you to read up to a certain part of the DVD, cIOS just removes this which is why you need it. Its perfectly safe and can also be removed using the included cIOS remover.

    Source Codes:

    All source code is included in the sourcecode folder!


    Huge thanks to Nuke for giving me the USB Gecko ripper sourcecode and permission to include it!. Also greets to Waninkoko, Marcan, Bushing, Dhewg for bringing us cool apps like cIOS and Homebrew Channel!

    Also thanks to James0x57, Link, kenobi, Memorris and all other active USB Gecko sceners, you guys rule!!