1. MetoMeto

    OP MetoMeto GBAtemp Fan

    Dec 28, 2018
    Hello guys, how are you all? :)

    The reason i'm making this thread is to (you guessed it) solve my problem, and also to archive it so others with similar issue can see help here maybe.

    Ok, so, the problem!
    Well i went on to Metroid prime hunters discord to connect with people and play Hunters online again, since, we all know, official server is shut down.
    So i heard about wiimmfi.
    I followed instructions their (wasn't that hard) and changed my DNS to 164.132.44106 and that was it. Than i found some people, exchanged Friend Codes and created a game, than when they try to connect to my game or me to theirs, i get this error: 86420

    I went to wiimmifi website to look it up what the error means and it gave me THIS

    So i listened to them and go to my router settings and enabled DMZ for DS's IP, and same error, than i tried with port forwarding, as instructed, still the same.
    Than i tried BOTH still the same.

    To make things weird, when i connect to my other DS metroid (i got 2 DS lite consoles) to another DS metroid THROUGH Wiimmifi, it works flawlessly! As you can see below...


    But it's no fun to play with myself, and i can do that without wiimmifi also :P

    Also i asked those guys i COULDN'T connect with if they can play with others, and they sad YES! only with me they get same errors, as i do with them if i try to join their game.

    Itried for hours to figure out whats the problem but everything seems fine except i cant joijn the game but i can see them online and everything else.

    I also tried mario kart DS it works flawlesly...

    So do you guys think you can help me please?
    Id really love to be able to play Metroid Hunters online.

    Thanks in advance.

    ~see you next mission~
  2. elenarguez

    elenarguez GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 14, 2018
    It happens to me too. I tried to put fixed IP and I opened ports and nothing :(
    I think it has something to do with the operator of Internet.
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