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    It's been more than a year since I actually faced my Wii because of college, so I kinda forgot how it works. (Lame, I know). Anyway, when I bought my Wii, it was already modded to have the homebrew channel and WiiFlow on it. I think there were others mods on it, but I may have deleted them before or something (I've had this child since 2011/2012, I think).

    So, I connect the HDD to the back and when I load wiiflow it doesn't work. Uhm, the wiiflow files go into the SD Card, right? I'm sorry to sound dumb, my brain isn't really working right now.

    Also, are there other alternatives to wiiflow that are better? To load games and stuff.
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    I believe you have to have the SD Card app file in the app's folder with the boot.dol, .xml, and the .png files. You may need other alternative files in the app folder as well, or another folder on the root of the SD Card since it needs to save images, and such when installing a game, or loading things off of the SD Card. I use USBLoader GX which loads all of the JPG's, PNG's, and settings all in the apps folder, but your's might be on the root.

    But I'm guessing right now you don't have Wakino's CIOS installed which is vital to have for USB Functionallity, on any USB Loader. You could also try plugging in your Hard Drive to one of the USB Plugs in the back of the Wii. Just test both of them using them threw WiiFlow.

    If that doesn't work then it's likely you don't have the CIOS installed which you need, but you could check (I will show you in a moment.) I used USB Loader GX for my USB needs, and so far it works great, and I have no functionallity issues, and got everything installed easily.

    Anyways you can check by using a SysCheck App like SystemCheckHD, or using Multi Mod Manager (allows you to check your IOS's.) Normally what you want to find is at the 100 - 200 IOS's which normally contain Wakino's CIOS (I don't know the specific IOS's.)
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    To load games and GC games I would recommend USB Loader GX.