WiiFlow 4.2 Crashing On Startup

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  1. crimsonnight

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    Jan 9, 2008
    I can't figure out why I can't get WiiFlow to work on my vWii - I always get the attached error when trying to start it and have to take the power cable out to escape :( I've erased all my settings and started from scratch but still no luck - could someone please help me out?

    *EDIT* Just to let you know, I hacked my vWii using the following guide: http://gbatemp.net/threads/simple-guide-to-install-cios-on-vwii-backup-nand-and-keys.339890/ and haven't had a problem with anything else

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  2. echan42

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    Oct 3, 2013
    I have the same error after having it work once, the second time I run it I get the DSI code dump on screen but mine returns me to homebrew channel
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