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  1. bert02

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    Dec 20, 2009
    ok so i have jus setup XBMC and will be running it on my new HTPC
    currently i have wiimc and mplayer ce on the wii and can play files streaming them from my NAS with SMB share setup
    i dont run HD videos and as iv read the wii can only output 480p anyway but that doesnt bother me
    i use the wii in the bedroom on an old 68cm tv

    the reason i want XBMC is so i can share the database to know what has been watched and what hasnt by either tv so if i watch something in the lounge when i go to play it on the wii in the bedroom i know what i have watched
    also for HD content couldnt the wii create a bigger buffer so it would run it without having to buffer it all the time?
    is there a way i can set this up?
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    Oct 12, 2009
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    no way. Team XBMC won't port it. You'd have to port it yourself. The Wii can't play HD because of it's limited video and overall performance and not just because of the slow Wifi.
    These questions have been answered unnumbered times already.