Wii with Disc Drive Controller Randomly Erroring upon Launching Games

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    As a brief preface, I buy used Wiis for cheap, and own 6 Wiis. My newest Wii had a non-functioning disc drive (it wasn't able to properly seat an inserted game because of physical damage done by a dime) so I decided to unplug the power cable and make myself a silent Wii. Here is the cable I unplugged.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    And here is a video comparing a normal Wii with my silent Wii: http://sendvid.com/66gxmcvg

    Now, I used ModMii to hack my Wii, just as I have my 5 previous consoles. The Wii functioned fine, but I noticed that if I start a game via USB loader, go to home menu, and start another game, there is a chance the Wii will give me "An error has occurred. Press the Eject button etc.....".
    My exact test involved starting Sonic Colors, going home, starting Sonic Colors again, going home, starting Sonic Colors again, crash. Also tried with Brawl and Sonic and the Black Knight in the mix, starting each until a crash. Upon a restart, it works fine for the first few times before a crash again.

    I've made a sysCheck.csv last night which I have attached to this post. Since then, I've downloaded SystemMenu_4.3U_v513 from ModMii as well as Region-Select-NUS-v2 and installed them to my Wii using MultiModManager, first the menu, tested, didn't fix, then the region, tested, didn't fix.

    I recall the Wii crashing when trying to launch any Wii game when the drive was fully unplugged. That is why I plugged in the ribbon cable, and left the other cable which controlled the motors unplugged, so the Wii would still detect the drive and thus not crash. Thus, if the drive was the cause here, I'd expect it to crash 100% of the time, not once after every 2 or 3 game launches.

    Can someone give me advice on what I can do to fix these random crashes? It would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully the previous owner had messed up something hack-related so I can continue using my Wii with the disc drive unplugged.

    Here is the sysCheck in case you don't want to download the file:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

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