Wii U wired controller exploit/solution?

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    Hey everyone. I've been lurking the board for months and through my searches and readings here, I'e got a question for you guys.

    I come from the competitive Smash Bros community and some of you may know that the new one comes out later this year. Considering that the Wii U looks like it only takes wireless controllers, this is bringing a worry to many. Everyone having a bluetooth wireless wii remote or controller at large tourneys is bound to be chaotic due to lag and interference and since Nintendo is being mum on if wired controllers will ever come to fruition, I think an exploit or hack is our only hope to things being stable. There is a Mayflash Gamecube controller to Wii/Wii U adapter but considering it's still wireless, it's still not ideal

    I've seen some of the things with the Nintendon't homebrew and how it supports various wired gamepads so I'm wondering if wired controllers using the USB ports of the Wii U can be a viable solution. I also know that this is all under assumption that Wii U homebrew gets even further(I guess started would be the proper term), possibly using the vWii as a starting point. I only use Nintendon't because it's the only homebrew I've seen that can possibly support USB controllers.

    Hope to get a solution or a point in the right direction. Thanks!
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    Well, how do people play in other tournaments, such as MKWII? People would use the wii wheel/nunchuk as well as wired controllers would they not?
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    nintendont and any other homebrew right now for the wiiu, is actually just homebrew for the the vwii of the console, there is no released hack for the wiiu side of the wiiu, so there are no homebrew for the actual wiiu itself, so there currently is no way at all to make a wired controller work for wiiu games
    maybe, if someone releases a softmod method for the wiiu until the new smash game gets released...