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Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by mpkostek, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. mpkostek

    mpkostek Advanced Member

    Mar 25, 2016
    United States
    Is it possible to use save files that people have on the internet with copies of games that I am playing on Loadiine gx2. Specifically I am looking for a complete Pokken tournament save file because I only play it locally with my friends and don't want to play the campaign. Thanks!
  2. Kafluke

    Kafluke GBAtemp Psycho!

    May 6, 2006
    United States
    Depends. If they post loadiine save files then yes. Here's a thread on here for that.


    If they are meant for any other kind of save or cheat device then you'd first have to install them to wii u memory (using that device). Then dump them to something that loadiine can use. You can use saveiine or DDD for that.
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