Wii U hardware revisions

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    Jul 25, 2016
    I noticed a few cosmetic differencies on different WiiUs. The back connectors on the earliest units are yellow for the AC adapter, red for the sensor bar and black for the multiAV, same colors on the Wii. On latest units all connectors are black. The earliest units, with colored connectors, on the label in the bottom of the unit have "(C) 2012 Nintendo", the latest units have (C) 2012 Nintendo Co. Ltd. the other parts of the label are also different, different font, different address of Nintendo of Europe and many other details (on the label). The model is identical for all units I saw: WUP-101(3) and all where manfactured in China but some are LTB2-WUP-S-EUR-C0 while the later are LTB2-WUP-S-EUR-C2. Probably the most important difference is also the less noticeable: earliest units donot have any anti-tampering label; if you are careful you can remove the covers of the screws and put them back because they are made of black plastic. On the latest models those covers are made of transparent plastic printed in black. If you try to remove them you will peel the black ink revealing the manumission.

    Anyone knows if there is a list of all the hardware revisions of WiiU?