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    Hello everyone, haven't posted on these boards for a while and have a problem!

    I wanted to transfer my legit titles from my Wii to my Wii U using the transfer thingy but a while back I deleted them to create some space. So I went to the Wii Shop to redownload them but it said I needed to update my Wii, probably because of a new Wii Shop I would guess.

    So I thought, sod it. My Wii is on 4.1E with the right bits and pieces installed via the Homebrew Channel so that it plays burnt discs of all the recent games like Prime Trilogy, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora's Tower etc without a problem. So I decided to do a system update because I haven't used my Wii for ages and I have a WiiKey installed so things should be dandy...

    But I can't do a system update, keeps giving me a 32007 error. I've tried a wireless connection and a wired connection but still no dice.

    So then, forgetting that there's a wad to install the latest Shop Channel(!!!) I decided to delete my Homebrew Channel in case it was interferring in some way. Still no dice.

    It was then that I remembered about that wad so I decided to reinstall the Homebrew Channel and update the Shop...but for some reason I can't do it. I've tried the BatHaxx exploit but it won't let me copy the save over (although the save I do have is from a burnt copy) and I've tried the LetterBomb which doesn't start the installer, it just crashes and I have to turn the Wii off and then on again. I'm using the right MAC address and followed the instructions to the letter.

    One thing that I do have is all the saves from my legit VC and downloadable games so if I do a transfer will this copy over the saves and allow me to redownload them from the vWii Shop Channel..?

    Anyone got any ideas..? Many thanks in advance!
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    first off, this thread should be in the Wii section as its not related to vWii or Wii U.

    try bannerbomb v1 instead of letterbomb. letterbomb should have worked tho.

    you may be able to use a wad manager (use YAWMM) by running it from bannerbomb/letterbomb , then you can install IOS62 and the new Shop Channel via WADs (use NUSD and tell it to pack them into WADs)
    *the WADs should install fine using ios36 but if they do not, try choosing a CIOS id you have one.

    you should also (re)install IOS58 and try to re-run the hackmii installer to get HBC back after that.

    if you cannot get HBC to ever install again, you can at least for now transfer your stuff to the Wii U as you will have the new Shop Channel and IOS62, which is needed for the transfer program.