Wii shows empty SD Card?????

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by usmc1812, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    this is my first time trying the twilight hack, and i have run into a snag. I am almost afraid to ask this, but i am really stuck here. I downloaded the new gamma files last night, and followed all instructions to the letter. I put the folder "put onto SD Card" on a 256 mb sandisc SD card, and when I go through the steps and click on the SD card tab in the wii, it shows NOTHING in the SD card! I have reformatted the card in FAT and FAT32, neither one makes a difference. I have also tried a different brand of SD card, with no luck either.

    What did I do wrong??

    I am not sure how to get files saved to the "root" of the card, is that something that could possibly cause this problem?
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    "root" is the top folder of the drive, i.e no folder at all.
    Also, be sure to put the Zelda save into the right folder under private-->Wii-->title-->*THE-FOLDER-WITH-THE-ZELDA-SAVE*
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    You shouldn't be afraid to ask its what forums are for [​IMG] but some flame on you it hate that xD well it hink your problem is that you didn't but the Gamma files in the Apps folder and renamed it to boot.dol

    EDIT:i think noONE is right lol we posted at the same time, i thought you already had the Homebrew CHannel