Hacking Wii random load error and bluetooth disconnect


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Sep 14, 2012
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I'm sorry if this problem has been encountered already and there exists a solution for it, but I didn't find it via the search and I think it's generally hard to describe in few words.

So a friend of mine has a Wii since at least five years and he didn't change his configuration regarding the used system firmware 4.1E, the backup loader USB loader GX, d2x cIOS and his HDD since at least two years.
It is also the second model without the boot2 flaw so he uses Priiloader and BootMii IOS for brick prevention.

Since a year during many different games the same kind of error occurs:
The background music stops, the Wii doesn't recognize any input via the Wii Remote anymore and new ressources necessary for animation/level components stop loading.

Also the AI is still working but as soon as new parts need to loaded e.g. when the AI scored a goal in Mario Strikers Charged, the camera doesn't switch and the goal keeper repeats the animation when a goal was scored.
In Mario Kart Wii one keeps driving in one direction until hitting the next wall and the other drivers keep on driving like normal.
In both games only the sound effects are played without the music.

I have tested the following things to resolve it:
  1. Update the Wii to 4.3E
  2. Run a sycheck with only resulting recommendation to uninstall stub IOSes
  3. Install d2x cIOS 10-53 on 249 with base 56 and d2x cIOS 10-52 on 250 with base 57
  4. Uninstall and reinstall Priiloader
  5. Update usb loader gx to rev1260
  6. Change the used HDD (Booth FAT32 formatted)
  7. Replace games on HDD with clean rips from my legit copies
  8. Clean the Wii internally from any dust (Used guide from ifixit for dis-/re-assembly)
However the exact same behavior occurs for Mario Strikers Charged Football, Mario Kart Wii and a few other games (If you want I can link some videos after the load/disconnect error already occured).
Exceptions seem to be Metroid Prime 2 from the trilogy and Metroid Other M where I could play at least one hour each without any error.

As changing any software related parameters and the used HDD didn't solve the problem I guess it has to do with the Wii's hardware itself so probably there exists no easy solution.
The defect components could be the bluetooth module and the DSP.
As repairing it would cost the approximate amount of money for buying a used Wii U, getting it repaired by Nintendo would be no option.

Any help regarding this problem is appreciated but please read the above text before accidently writing a soultion I already tried.
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