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    Nov 3, 2008
    Had my wii softmodded for some time now. originally was on wiigator then onto gamma loader, then gamma002 fix. think i might of had neogamma also at one stage but last year went onto uLoader3.1.

    all was working fine, all games burnt was working using Sony discs mainly but some Tesco brand dvd-r also which worked but not every disc was succesful. The sony discs from a spindle of 50 all 50 burnt good soo bought more of the same.

    Recently upgraded to uLoader4.9 and seems i get errors with loading games.

    'DVD Error -2'

    this happens on most games that was working previously so i presume the media isnt the issue here.

    original games also do not work for me. using standard disc channel it is unable to read original discs.

    the 2 games i can get to work are New super mario and Madern Warfare.

    The modern warfare back up disc has become worn over the past few months and mid-game play it would say that disc is unreadable.

    so intermittenly the modern warfare disc would work.

    After burning modern warfare again at x2.4, x4 & x8 i get the same error message of ' -2'
    Tried a different game to burn and same again.
    imgburn confirmed burn with verify at all 3 speeds (2 games, 3 speeds, 6 discs)

    now upgraded on uLoader 4.9 the modern warfare disc(old back up) loads again intermittently. either it loads and it plays fine or uLoader says 'DVD Error -2'

    so with the 'DVD Error -2' & the knowledge that original discs are not readable does anyone have any possible solutions for me to look at??

    many thanks


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