Wii modding noob has a noob question about Software

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by nintennuendo, Jun 8, 2010.

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    So I modded the wii with instructions I found back in January, don't know where they were or which set they were even if I did find them. I installed a couple cIOS enough to run backups and to put WiiMC on there. Have USB Loader GX and some nonlegit wiiwares. I can't run normal games through the main menu. I'm copying my games from my small hard drive to a bigger hard drive so I can fit more on there(thanks gamefly!) and I wanted to watch some netflix in the mean time. I can't load the disc. It asks me to update.

    I'm already at 4.2U. Is it bluffing? Should I accept and go with it and it'll cry chicken first? It isn't really a HUGE issue since I can still run things from the USB Loader GX, but some games don't run from usb at all and it'd be nice to play those, you know?
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    It asks to update IOS I guess...You can try loading it with a disk loader,or use priiloader(or startpatch if you want) to disable updates.
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    Run it with Gecko, it'll ask to install the IOS it needs from the disc.

    Then you can run it through the sysmenu.