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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
Long story short,
Twilight hack.
Installed IOS37 and IOS36 via wadmanager as nothing would work properly without them and I lacked a recent game where I was at for this.
Anyregion changer managed to get 3.2e installed after above.
Homebrew channel added
Starfall installed (well worth it), full compliment.

Presently messing around with various other things.

Original post.
Long story short, I have a European wii currently with 2.2 firmware, DMS drive (not moddable without a quite bit of effort owing to me messing around with stuff*). I can get a copy of twilight princess so that is not a problem. I have been offered a straight swap for a near launch 360 and as the wii has lounged in a box behind me since I left last year that sounds like a good deal.
Similarly because the wii has sat in a box for the last year my knowledge of the stuff that has happened since then is less than brilliant, to that end I wish to enlist the help of someone who has followed the goings on.

*I know alt pins for d2b exist but what about the dms drive (I fatigued a chip leg (necessary for signals rather than power) leaving me with a grind chips or get lost situation)

What I plan to grab.
Homebrew channel (beta 9 unless someone says otherwise).

My aim is to sideline the original launching channel (stick it on the third screen or something) and use this instead.

I could probably mod the wii (I have an early fake wiikey and a wiikit http://www.wiikit.info/ somewhere around here) but despite hiccups I am willing to go the backup launcher route.
The temperature changed 4 degrees in the last hour so I am assuming my knowledge of such matters is far out of date. My plan was original line launcher from WiiGator as opposed to the leaked version or a mod of that.
Thread I am using for reference:

Media player. I saw the earlier backup launcher stuff conflicted with the homebrew modchip-less reading libraries but the link above seems to indicate it works OK now. GeeXbox was my plan

Other homebrew as far as channels are concerned is not worth it in light of what else exists (PC and original xbox having felt the touch of someone similar to I hooked up to the TV of the person I am trading with) unless I am missing something major.
Starfall is a considered app but it probably will not be much use for what the person needs, same goes for xyzzy.

I have access to several fairly recent games if it is truly necessary to update that way.

Thanks in advance.
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