Wii Fit U Questions

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    Hi guys, I have a few questions about Wii Fit U. Mainly...

    1.If I've already created a profile on Wii Fit U, when I have one on Wii Fit Plus, can I merge the data, without creating a new profile so I don't have to waste another $20 on a Fit Meter.
    2.I've heard you can link Fit Meters, what happens if you do the following:
    Link a Fit Meter with a Pokewalker
    Link 2 Fit Meters (Assuming both are human, and are registered on the same Wii U Console)
    Link 2 Fit Meters (Assuming both are human, like before, but they both are on different consoles.)
    Link 1 Human Fit meter with a Fit Meter that belongs to a Puppy.
    Attempt to link a Fit Meter with a Pokéwalker
    3.Ok, this may be ironic, but what happens if you try to link a Pokèwalker that has never been registered with Pokemon HG/SS with Wii Fit U, and if you try to link a Fit Meter never registered with Wii Fit U to a copy of Pokemon HG/SS.
    4.I've noticed it takes longer when linking a Fit Meter with Wii Fit U for the first time... Is it "formatting" the Fit Meter?