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    Ok I realized my Wii has a fan issues....Which is causing it to overheat and shut off. Now I don't wanna send it BACK to nintendo because I informed them of the two issues I was having and they only fix the one that my Wii wasn't reading disc. SO I found a guide to replace my Wii's fan but unfortunately I don't have the money for a tri wing screwdriver and a replacement fan....So I thought of a quick fix and before I try it I wanted to run it by you wonderful tempers that have helped me so much. What if I put an actually fan behind the wii's fan to help it out....Would that at least stop the shutting off. I just need a quick fix were I don't have to attend to the Wii every 5 minutes...Cause I was laying it on a cold wet rag and that helped but I had to re-wet the rag every 10 minutes....which is bothersome

    this is the guide i found
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    Triwing costs $1 and is free to ship in some places since its so small...
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