Wii - DVD Drive + USB Loader = Fail

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by night_chrono, Mar 31, 2009.

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    So I have a wii lacking a DVD drive. I have been hoping this loader would be the solution to all my problems. Well its starting to not look that way. Having done what reading I can find (Things are of course quite hectic with all the posts right now and I might have missed something) it seems like I am still without a paddle.

    I have a ubuntu 7.10 live CD and the tool to format my drive to WBFS (or whatever the filesystem is called). Is it possible to format an external hard drive into the WBFS and just drop the ISO's onto it?
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    yes, the readme in the wbfs archive explains the commands to do this

    *init the partition:
    ./wbfs -p $PART init
    then wbfs can find automatically your wbfs partition inside your disks.

    *add an iso to your partition
    ./wbfs add

    *list the wiidisc that are on the wbfs, you will get the DISCID, game name, number of wide sectors used, and number of GB used.
    ./wbfs ls

    *count the number of wide sectors / GB available on your partition
    ./wbfs df

    *build Homebrew Channel directories for all the games in your partition
    This will actually make a directory for each game with the DISCID of the game,
    copy the icon.png and boot.dol of the current directory, and make a meta.xml with the name of the game
    ./wbfs mkhbc
    Then copy all the directories in the apps directory of your sdcard.

    *remove a disc from wbfs
    ./wbfs rm DISCID

    *extract an iso from wbfs
    ./wbfs extract DISCID

    *create a standalone compressed version of one iso using the wbfs mechanism
    ./wbfs create
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    thanks. my readme ended up being a garbled mess of missing characters. Probably messed up download or something/