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    Hey Guys, (and gals)

    * I already posted this over in Wii Homebrew games and Apps. but Hacking is obviously the more active forum so I figured I'd repost here.
    If any of the Mods are upset by this I apologize for the double post I'd delete the old thread if I only knew how *

    That being said,

    I'm looking into getting starting in App development for the Wii. I have a pretty solid background in programming (mainly c, c++,Java with a touch of assembly,Fortran, and a few other obscure languages thrown in), but have grown rusty over the last few years ever since I left school. I've been ghosting these forums for a while now and have been amazed at the progress that's been made in the last few months and would like to get involved. Only thing is.. I have NO idea where to start...

    What tools do I need? what languages should I be working in?

    Are there any sites dedicated to development I should check out. Any direction to get me started would be great.

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    First I suggest you to take a look at wiibrew and try to learn the things that could be useful to you when creating your homebrew stuff...

    And read the bushing's past articles if you want to do any serious hacking...

    For pure homebrew you can start from here too


    All you need is C or C++ and a bit of tendency to work with unixish environments...

    good luck!