WII black screen issue...

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    Hello Comrades , i hope i can find there answears to solve my problem . So there is my situation : i got an old WII console that was work fine with his modchip(wasabi to be correct) until disc drive was dead and after that i decide to make an soft mod to the console . Problem is that the console freezes when trying to load an game from a USB drive giving a black screen and a message .I could play only with certain settings of NAND loading in the options of USBloadergx(other usbloaders doesnt work ) and doing manipulation with sd card and somthing else . When im setting Nand settings into nand emulation - OFF and nand chanell - FULL black screen appears , though should not . I do not know what to do to make him run games with that NAND settings without any spare manipulations .

    Any clues ?