Wii Black and White/Falling Screen

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  1. milkaholic123

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    May 3, 2009
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    This is how it all started

    i started out with ver 4.0U. i installed 3.0E accidently, then updated to 4.0E then installed 3.2U. i tried to change the settings but it wont let me and the system menu is 3.2U and the region is in USA. the message in the anyregion changer says that the setting mismatch when the region and system menu match. but im not entirely sure if they match so i come to you people because i thought you would know if they match. also it says
    UNEXPECTED ERROR: SYSCONFIG_Savechanges Value -1017
    the flicker is still there and i want it gone. someone came up a solution to this but it is just plain not working.
    this is how it looks like
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    Jan 30, 2008
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    so you're on 3.2u now? You should never install other region firmwares without changing your own region first. Everytime you did it it sounds like you bricked a different part of your WII. The best solution you can do is to install an original 4.0 update from YOUR CURRENT REGION. In your case you gotta find a way to install 4.0U. From there USING THE PROPER STEPS, you can downgrade to 3.2u, and finally use anyregionchanger to change your region to whatever you want. If you successfully upgraded to 4.0U, you should be on a clean slate. I highly suggest using network update is you really need a clean slate to work off of. If your firmware is currently set to 3.2u and region to US, it should be compatible and you should be able to network update fine.

    Keep us posted.