Wifi Limited?

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by Xeology, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Xeology

    Xeology GBAtemp Regular

    Jul 24, 2010
    United States
    Keansburg, NJ
    So here I am ftp'ing files over to my flashcart because ubuntu is a horses procreation parts and messing up my usb transfer ultimately screwing my sdhc card. But filezilla reports it uploading at 100 k/s but drops down to 30ish, and it will keep doing this, did nintendo limit the wifi on purpose??? If so is there a way around this? I am asking because it looks similar to what internet downloads do on a capped isp. . . . sorry if I missed another post about that. . . . using a dsi btw.
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