WIFI and Street Pass

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    Hello , My N3DS just arrived with a 9.0 FW and I already own a Gateway. I disabled Wireless connection from the menu to be safe but I want to connect to internet while waiting for the gateway update. Is there a way to prevent my 3ds automatically downloading updates while connected to internet without my consent? ( I don't have access to my router for blocking update servers because I currently reside in a student dorm) Also how does Street Pass work? Someone on this forum wrote that even if your WIFI is disabled my console would connect to Free Wifi spots as I walk by them and download updates is this true? I would be really happy If someone could explain me how all this works. I searched the forum a bit but couldn't find any related topics. But I might have missed it as well.
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    If wifi is enabled but you have no configured Wifi profiles (you can have up to three in settings) you can still connect to free hotspots and get the update prompt.
    If you DISABLED WiFi from the menu in the top left corner of your lower screen that looks like a house with a wrench on it (where themes and brightness are) you are safe. Your wifi should say DISABLED in a grey box at the top left of the top screen if you did it correctly.

    You will not have streetpass/spotpass capability while wifi is disabled.