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    why hello thar, i'v been a fan of gbatemp for liek 2 years, but only recently have i decided to become a member, so yeah, i got a original r4 back in the day when they first came out, cuz my freinds showed me on how quite lulzy it is, after a few years i got a ez flash 3+1, but the damn thing was defective T_T, while i shipped it back to china and they sent me a new one, i bought a acekard 2.1, which i think will never go out of date cuz i loev it XDDDDD, and my ez flash got back and it works which i'm grateful for. i eventualy put the homebrew channel on my wii even though it was version 4.00, but i couldn't figure out how to play backups, so i'm getting a drivekey today, and i'm going to install it since i don't know how the fuck to work a soddering gun. i also fix ds's. my hinge, and a bunch of my freinds lsd defusers broke, and i took the ds's apart and replaced the hinge and defusers via online shopping XDDD, so as you can tell, i am a modd freak, i also plan on modding my snew soon and my gamecube [​IMG]
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    Hello fellow hacker! lol, welcome to GBAtemp!