Who is attending E3 2009?

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    "E3 will be getting back to business - the noisy, glitzy side of the video game business on June 2 - 4. Not only is the ESA loosing requirements for attendees they are also opening their arms to exhibitors. Take a trip back to E3 2006 and retailers with booths selling everything from PSP FM transmitters to junk electronics were hidden in Kentia Hall.

    We might not go back to those days, but E3 will have retailers. A partial list of attendees has companies like DDR Game which sells dance pads for a Konami game I’m sure you’re aware of. Also returning to E3 after skipping the show for a year are Activision and Atlus. The list is missing some publishers, though. NIS America, D3 Publisher, Temco (well they may be in Koei’s booth), and XSEED who first attended E3 last year are not on the initial list.

    Here are the publishers already committed to the trade show. Guess what they might be showing in the comments. "

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    News Source: Siliconera