Which is better: 3DS web browser or DS-mode homebrew browser?

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    The reason the 3DS's web browser sucks so much is because it's forced to run in the background and on abysmal RAM (compared to the 3DS's total RAM).
    What I'm wondering is: Is it possible for a DS-mode homebrew browser (running on full DS power) to be better than the 3DS's web browser (which isn't running on full 3DS power)?
    I can't test it out myself because my internet is WPA...
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    homebrew browsers all suck. the opera ones are much better. use mobile sites if possible.
    thats about all i can say about this.
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    WPA aside, DS-Mode as it is today gimps transfer rates big time due to the imperfect dswifi library. Even if you used DSHobro in conjunctions with a PC to stream complete desktop-style web pages for a "perfect" browsing experience, it'd be crazy-sluggish.

    The built-in 3DS browser is miles better simply because it doesn't suffer from the problems concerning transfer speeds and, well, it has access to way more horsepower. Stick with that. ;)
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    I dream of the day they implement a browser update that adds a compact mode for use during gaming and running other things (as it is now) and a standalone mode that performs to the extent of the 3DS's ability (albeit nothing running in the background.)
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