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    Aug 2, 2017
    United Kingdom
    Hi. I live in the UK and I hesitated getting the switch because Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee was only a remake of Gen I, but now I'm drooling over Sword / Shield (Gen VIII). I've decided to get a Switch in September after I've submitted all of my assignments as a present to myself.

    I realize the importance of getting a hacked / hackable Switch, as my old unhacked 3DS was basically useless that I had to get a hacked one; I'm still playing on the latter one and I love the fact it plays GBA, DS and 3DS games.

    Now, I read a few threads on GBAtemp and I know I need to get a switch starting with serial number XAW, as XKW (the battery enhanced version) and XJW (the Lite version) are all unhackable and it needs to be:
    XAW10000000000 - XAW10074000000
    XAW40000000000 - XAW40011000000
    XAW70000000000 - XAW70017500000

    Now I'm confused is there a difference between UK and US version Switches? Do they use different electric plugs? My 3DS is a USA version but it works with 3-feet-sockets?

    Also I don't know should I get a hackable (unopened preferrably) Switch or a hacked one. I prefer the grey version either way.

    Thank you
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