Where do I start?

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    I'm about to get a Switch and I went pretty far with getting the 3DS modded up very well in it's prime. All the way up to date with the FreeShop and B9S, etc.
    Not sure how advanced we are with the Switch yet. Could someone enlighten me? I'd like to get it as modded as possible like my 3DS. If there is anything I need to attain from a 3rd-party site or something, please PM me about that if you can.
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    Personally, I'd start with ReiNX (reinx.guide), a free Switch CFW, but it doesn't support emuNAND (ban mitigation) or XCI loading (XCI and NSP games must be installed manually to the home menu). SX OS is a paid CFW, but will give you these features. A ban is fairly likely anyway, no matter how careful you are. I've been using ReiNX completely offline and with error code clearing patches (dreport) and haven't been banned yet, but it could come at any time. Also, Switch CFWs are tethered so you will need to connect your Switch to your PC or phone to send the CFW payload if you shutdown, or you could buy a RCM dongle for about £10/$10.
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    Correction: Emunand is not for ban mitigation, it's to allow you to keep your OFW on a lwer version in case a warmboot comes out while still being able to play games that need a highf FW version
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    I'd start with the serial number sticky thread.
    Just to be sure you get a hackable Switch (because the newest ones aren't publicly hackable yet).

    Then I'd next follow a guide to backup your NAND, like @Canna's here:
    Too many people posting here with brick problems (stuck with purple screen or other color, corrupt Boot0, etc)
    This can all be mitigated with a proper backup.
    • I'd use the latest Hekate (which can actually verify your backup is not corrupted)
    • and an exFAT card >=32 GB (because having your NAND backup split up in FAT32 is just taking more risk imo, I've seen posts about missing/corrupted parts)
    Then just follow one of the guides posted above (reinx.guide or sdsetup)