Whats up with sony?

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Wllmrly, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Sony has been all over Gbatemp today. The company it self was good back in the ps2 days but it seems like the company just stopped thinking about there customers and more for the profit. The sad thing about this is i can almost see it happening to Nintendo in the future. So pretty much this topic is for you to voice your opinion on Sony. I'm looking forward to what people have to say about this.
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    In front of computer...
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    I think Sony is a pretty cool guy. Eh plays MGS4 with awesome ass graphics and doesn't afraid of anything.
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    life if gaming was ever about customers and not profit.
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    PS2 days were all about the games - they brought out more games than anybody else, and became "the console to have". Since then Nintendo has appealed to a wider audience with the Wii and DS whilst Microsoft has tried to boast the most features in their consoles (making it as much a media center as a game console). 360 and PS3 are all about high definition gaming with more-or-less the same multimedia features (except PS3 has BluRay). The selection of games on both pale when compared to PS2, but that's more a representation of the gaming market than the console manufacturers themselves.

    For Nintendo's future, they depend on the 3DS. If it's a flop, Ninty are pretty much out of the running for top gaming consoles, and will probably follow the footsteps of Sega.

    The only reason why Sony is in the news so much these days is because of the excitement in the scene following the PS3 being broken wide open. Homebrewers are excited to create new homebrew using the PS3s full capability, and pirates are excited to finally play all the good PS3 games without having to pay (PS3 games are still rather expensive IMO). Sony fight back by changing the keys, it takes hours to find all the new keys, and it seems the hackers are going to fall into 2 camps regarding this - those who focus on 3.55 CFW/MFW to get everything working, and those who will try making 3.56 CFW to get PSN access back. Just like in PSP days with M33 only making CFW for updates they think are worth it, and GEN making updates to keep up to speed. Cat and mouse with Sony...

    My final opinion is... what's the point of this topic?