What the 3DS can and can't do

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    When will/can the 3DS be hacked?

    First off, WE DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING about the security system that the 3DS has, however seeing as it has a large following it is almost guaranteed that it will be hacked before the end of its lifetime

    What can/can't it emulate?

    First off WE DO NOT KNOW everything about the 3DS hardware but theoretically it could emulate everything the DS can and most likely the GBA, anything more is not impossible but certainly not going to be easy.

    Another thing to have in mind is that many home consoles have a vertical output more than 240, while we have had workarounds in the past they are usually not perfect.

    Will there be a PC 3DS emulator?

    No. I may reconsider in 2020 but until then go emulate a DS and report back your awesome framerates.

    Will it be released in 2010?

    No. Reggie said it himself.
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    There will very likely be emulators of the 3DS, possibly within a year or two of release. The DS emulator works pretty well, and even Wii emulation is improving.

    There are conflicting reports about when the system will be released. I wouldn't be surprised to see a release for Christmas. History has shown that the word of reps from the company itself doesn't mean much. Companies like to lie about things like this so that you buy the current products rather than waiting a few months for the new one.
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    just tested no$gba with mario kart and zelda, mario kart was 100% playable full speed, the opening cut scenes on zelda were 100% fullspeed, for wii, with some setting tweaks I can play most games at 70-80%, I once got TOS2 at 100% speed, I think a 3ds emulator may be possible depending on the processor if it is well known and documented. the hard part will be the graphics chip
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    I understand that you're just trying to help, but RoxasIsSora has already made a nice FAQ thread. As good as your intentions are, this thread isn't going to help at all, trust me. I've also been known to be a "party pooper".If a cohesive, stickied thread doesn't stop the questions, this thread won't either. I know we both know that discussing 3DS emulators or 3DS flashcarts is really getting ahead of ourselves, but the truth is that people love living in their fantasy worlds where everything can be hacked in a few months and everything can be pirated and all that bullshit. To be very blunt, this thread is as useless the questions people ask, so just ignore it.