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    I was not quite sure weather to post this in off topic or here.

    So heres where I am at:

    I have always been interested in the ipod touch, after seeing all the apps and games on my friends jailbroken iphone it started me thinking if I should buy an 8gb ipod touch for the apps, games and for music as the iphone is too expensive for me and woudn't spend that much if I had it. The games which interested me were Nazi Zombies, Plants vs zombies, geometry wars, ninjatown and a bunch of other apps ( I am/was going to jailbreak it), I would also probably use the net on it occasionally and watch videos, ebuddy etc.

    The problem is though I have been having second thoughts, I have a ds and a ipod classic 80gb which is a few years old. I never really use my ipod much anymore ( I had lost it in a room for a while though). If I buy the ipod I will be spending most of my money and not have a whole lot left. I have Plants vs zombies on pc although I would get lots of hours out of it on the ipod touch, I have ninjatown for ds but dont know if its any different to the ipod touch version, again i would play it anyway.

    So I was wondering whats your advice? Should I stick with my ds and ipod classic? Is the ipod touch worth it almost purely on apps and games? Or maybe I should save my money and spend it on something else later?
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    The ipod touch is really worth it's price for the apps and games only [​IMG] imo
    I got one... And I love it... Aaaaannnddd........ errrr...
    I don't know. Maybe if you want to save up for something bigger you shouldn't buy one?
    If you're willing to spend the money, imo it's all worth it [​IMG]