What is SNEEK?

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    I'm seeing all these modifications for SNEEK and what no but at the risk of sounding like a big noob, What the hell is it? I googled, nothing. WiiBrew, nothing. :|
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    Sneek is a way to run the Wii on an emulated Nand.

    You can make a nand dump (using bootmii, or some other homebrew), which reflect the content of your Wii, on SD or USB. Once extracted, parts of the data can be access by homebrews instead of using the real Nand.
    Sneek is a way to make your entire Wii think that the Nand dump present on your SD or USB is actually the real Wii nand, so all operations the wii is normally doing on the internal memory is in fact redirected to the emulated Nand.

    Some advantages :
    - brick proof (if you brick your emulated Nand, your real nand is still working, jour just need to load your emulated nand in a nand manager to fix it, or create a new one.
    - Unlimited space size for storing Wiiware and VC
    - Very easy to install/delete wad files, using ShowMiiWad/ShowMiiNand software.
    - Run Wii games not working on USBloaders, like IOS reloading games (CSI, Metroid prime, Wii Dare (until patch is found), etc.)

    Sneek can work in different mode :
    - Sneek : Nand on SD
    - Uneek : Nand on USB
    - Sneek+DI : Nand on SD, + emulated Disc Channel on USB (you extract the entire game data on your USB, and it acts like if a real game disc was inserted in the Wii, you launch it from the Disc Channel. You can store multiple game at the same time)
    - Uneek+DI : Nand on USB + Emulated Disc Channel on USB.

    Sneek and Uneek (without DI) allow you to insert real game disc in your wii, like if you were on real nand.
    "+DI" prevent you to use the original wii disc slot, as it use an emulated disc channel from usb.

    The difference with other homebrew using the emulated nand, like Triiforce or MightyChannel to launch VC/WiiWare located on the emulated nand, is that these homebrew are located and launched from the real Nand, when you exit them you returns to the real nand. This is the task of the homebrew to access the emulated nand data, while when using sneek, the wii is using the emulated nand without even knowing it, so all the applications launched from sneek is actually using the emulated nand. There's no possible access to the real nand while using sneek.
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    SNEEK and UNEEK are NAND emulators, meaning the Wii will recognize the SD card or a USB harddrive (respectively) as the storage for the Wii. There are many advantages to this, the most obvious being that you aren't limited to the 512MB of the Wii's internal NAND. It's also very useful for testing potentially unsafe WADs.

    When you see them followed by by +DI, it refers to versions that are capable of playing backups off of a USB drive. There are a few games that benefit from better compatibility over USB loaders, and the fact that games need to be extracted means that its much easier to replace files for translations, re-skins, etc. than having to remake an ISO.
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    i hawe NAND from my other console, can i use that nand on my othjer console as emulated nand?