What is Pkhex / Action Replay 3DS?

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    Hi folks,

    Can anyone tell me what Pkhex is/does? I've done some reading on it and it basically sounds like you can modify pokemon, but I"m not sure as to what extend (IVs, traits, etc). Does it only work with .3ds/.3dz or would it work with a .cia as well?

    Alsssssoooooooo... does Action Replay play well with Gateway or not really?

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    Lets you modify a save file from gateway. Does not work with Action replay. You should read the thread for it on it's proper forum.
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    pkhex is a save editor. you feed the software with your save and you can edit it.. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX

    the action replay for 3ds (actual name is powersaves) is a gadget that you connect to a computer and insert your gamecard and can put some cheats or backup\restore save data.

    all this information from a 2 minute google search and reading

    but i am pretty sure action replay doesnt work with the gateway card. (and its not actually needed..)
  4. YourHero

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    It works with SaveDataFiler. You modify the main file I believe. It does not work with anything else because the saves from other devices are encrypted. SDF decrypts backups.
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  5. Osmosis

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    I will tell you in a second all about Pokegenning. While I go get food, you may want to check out ProjectPokemon.org.

    Okay, Pokegenning with PKHeX. The popular way is slowly dying. For the longest time you could use a browser exploit to export your pokemon to a .bin file on your SD which you would then open up in PKHeX. You can pretty much do anything when it comes to PKHeX and Pokemon. Need a legendary? Make one. Need an Item? Give your Pokemon the item.

    Sadly, N3DSXL can't use the same browser exploit. The original 3DSXL can use it on firmware 9.5.0-22U and below.

    Currently the only way to Pokegen is by using the Gateway and a .CIA game and editing the savedata file and then loading it back into the .CIA game.

    So no more just pokegenning straight into a cartridge. However...

    Action Replay = Powersaves Pro 2DS/3DS

    There's one for 2DS and one for 3DS games. It basically connects to your PC and lets you load cheats onto your actual game carts. Also makes backups of savedata. It does things like maxing out money, items, or even making Pokemon (although they are poorly genned)

    Problem is, you can't do much else with it. Sky3DS users can only get a few games to work and use it to pull private headers.

    If you have a GW you won't need one. Unless you want to just edit an actual cart and avoid using GW altogether.

    Personally, I think Powersaves is awesome. Wish it had more reverse engineering done to it so we could use it for ROM dumping and such.

    Otherwise, stick with GW. Leave the Powersaves to the Sky3DS users.
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