What files are these most likely?

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    Jun 27, 2019
    When you break a bit from modding you tend to forget what stuff is. That seems to be a tiny bit of the case here, but I am sure someone can help me out. I just want to cleanup my SD card a bit before I start backing up some more games. I had some dumps and old wads on it I cleanedup but there are other files I am not to sure of.

    1) boot.elf at the root of my sd card (I am guessing it might have to do with HackMii/HBC for the vWii)

    2) sd:/wiiu/payload.elf (I think this is for the browser exploit)

    and lastly

    3) sd:/wiiu/apps/wuphax.elf (I think this is a game installer but I already have WUP installer so I don't know why there is this elf file sitting in the apps folder)

    IK IK I totally forgot what these are WAT ARE THEM
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure its the HackMii installer.

    Yes, this file is loaded by the 5.5.2+ browser exploit.

    Wuphax is used to install the Homebrew Channel in vWii mode from the Wii U side. If you have the Homebrew Channel installed on your vWii, and your vWii's Mii Channel works correctly, then you do not need to have this anymore.
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    Nah, can always reinstall it via wad (great excuse to upgrade to the full version bundled with regular Wiis too) :)
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