what do you think about last gen games?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by eriol33, Nov 27, 2015.

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    Jan 2, 2014
    I just bought my ps3 and wii early this year, and I am struggling to find games I 'enjoy'. I grew up with jrpgs, and it's a dying genre, I know.

    at first I bought my ps3 only to play persona 5 (and it's delayed), so I bought sony ps3 exclusives, you name it, uncharted, red dead redemption, etc. after playing one game and another... I just realized a lot, lot of them utilize gta-like mechanisms, only with several variations here and there. But basically, most of the games released in the last gen were either third person/first person shooters with open world/sandbox elements.

    I think the last gen games were pretty mediocre and less creative compared to psx and ps2 era. developers pushed to make that appeal the mass market with limited creativity, and there is no real difference between one game than another.

    I like few games from last gen (such as mass effect, deus ex, and arkham asylum), but after playing more and more, I feel the mechanics are overused.

    at first I wanted to buy a ps4, but I am starting to consider to buy a wii u instead since there are a lot of 'fun' games there, and less mainstream compared to games that are published on xbone or ps4.
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    Aside from a few titles ( of which most got remakes) the 7th Gen of consoles didn't have much to offer that made me personally want to get one. Ironically the most interest I had in them was for thr Kh remakes. That said they do have a okay library for the most part. But a lot of the good stuff isn't exclusive or in thr case of the Wii can already be emulated.

    Personally I think it is not due to a lack og creativity and as much as I would like to say " Pc game is killing consoles " numbers prove other wise, but more and more console exclusives are timed making getting one less attentive then waiting for a deal on a PC port. Aside from Nintendo there is very few big franchise that go console exclusive.
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    Sep 19, 2013
    glad i am not the only one (to keep it fair, realize that RDR is a rock star games title)
    but yeah. i agree, lots of games just look a reskin of each other, the playthrough is always the same with some differences... but it's the "first\third person shooter" genre...
    it's what it sells.. they have a business, they want to sell...
    if you look closely, every action movie is just the same, they all require: helicopter explodes. the cops\bad guys chase the protagonist after he steals a bike. the protagonist meets a sexy woman that helps him, and they have sex at middle in the movie. ho, and don't forget the assault to the bad guys base where there is too much shooting...
    companies like to be safe, so they do the same thing over and over..

    but i agree, there was lots of funny and creative games back in psx and ps2 era...
    however there are still new original games every now and then, for example little big planet?
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    Here's a visual representation of what I thought about last gen.

    It's my favorite generation~
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    As a bug Jrpg fan I agree. Last gen was weaker than some other gens imo. The ps2 remains my favorite console of all time, and I feel it's library is still the strongest. However, if you give last gen a chance I think you'll still find a good number of games to peek your interest. The DS and PSP both had fantastic Jrpg libraries. Give the ps3 and wii a chance, as they do have good games. They just aren't as easy to find. If like action rpgs give the souls series a try. They have great combat. Last gen just tended to cater to the first person shooter and open world style games, so if you aren't a fan of those you'll have to waxe through them a bit. If you look deeper there's still a good number of games that will keep you covered.
  6. Catastrophic

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    Apr 28, 2012
    I don't agree that last gen games were "mediocre". There were more than enough good games to fill any generation.
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    Where did you get that darling ghost on the right hand side? :)
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    Apr 9, 2009
    A dying genre, whut? lol
    More and more jrpgs are actually getting localized. It's far from dying. They're even starting to get ported to pc which is crazy awesome.

    Anyway, last gen was the best gen. Masterpieces like Tales of Vesperia, Valkyria Chronicles and Nier were just some of the amazing games from that era.
    There's craptons of good stuff. I could probably sit here and remember specific games for hours that were great. I love me some older games, but I usually go back and try to play them and I realize how crappy the gameplay really was or the graphics were a lot more lacking than I remember, or terrible audio, etc. But with last gen I don't get that even from very very early games. I mean they aren't THAT old yet but still.

    I dunno what shitty games you're dredging up but you certainly aren't looking at any of the good ones, and that's pretty amazing because there were a whole hell of a lot of them.